9 months ago

Inelco Hunter: 10.1 Inch PCAP Touch Screen

Reading-based electronics specialist supplier Inelco Hunter has launched the 10.1 Inch PCAP Touch Screen.

Designed for Raspberry Pi. The 10.1 Inch PCAP Touch Screen has a 1366×768 resolution and uses IPS technology.

The use of IPS technology over the cheaper TN offers “a wider view angle and the full 16.7 million colours,” says Inelco Hunter managing director David Bushnell.

David tells us that demand is for wide viewing angles and higher definition; IPS technology also offers “a better contrast ratio” and so delivers stronger, punchier colours.

 Inelco Hunter IPS Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi

The 10.1-inch screen “is designed to work with all models of the Raspberry Pi,” David confirms, with standoff pillars and screws provided.

The screen “supports Raspbian and NOOBs,” says David. “We are working on drivers for the I2C interface” if you’d rather not use the currently supported USB connection. “Once Raspbian is installed, the five-point touch will work automatically,” David explains.

The new screen is on sale now, from Inelco Hunter, but pricing is based on order quantity. You can contact Inelco Hunter directly at [email protected]

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