1 year ago

Incredible Raspberry Pi Projects in Issue 56 of The MagPi

Raspberry Pi projects for digital makers of all abilities

This month’s MagPi is all about making incredible projects. How to get started, how to get better and how to create epic builds.

So get up and make things with Issue 56 of The MagPi. The Incredible Raspberry Pi Projects feature is finely-tuned for makers of all levels.

Incredible Raspberry Pi projects in The MagPi 56

Making is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Our Incredible Raspberry Pi Projects feature makes it easy for beginners to get started and gives advanced makers some ideas for where to go next

From beginner robotics kits to making equipment with LEGO. These are projects that anybody can do.

We also scale up to intermediate and advanced projects. You’ll learn how to varied projects, such as digital binoculars and interactive wall displays. It goes all the way up to building a YouTube Live Streaming drone. Fancy!

Also, discover the ten best Raspberry Pi kits you can buy. These low-cost projects are easy to build and very rewarding. They’re an excellent way to broaden your knowledge of digital making and electronics.

The issue also contains some cracking features:

  • Raspberry Pi OS Gallery: Which Raspberry Pi operating system suits your needs?
  • Pi Mini Mint: The Raspberry Pi with a screen is crammed into a mint tin.
  • Fly AI: Raspberry Pi plays God with a colony of flies in a jar
  • DIY Marauder’s Clock: This Potter-inspired project keeps track of your family.
  • Make DJ Turntable Art: Use a DJ Hero turntable to express yourself in pictures.

This is a brilliant issue of The MagPi: packed with really fun projects to plan, make, and show-off to your friends.

The MagPi 56 is available in stores now from WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. Alternatively, you can grab an issue online or get it digitally via our app on Android and iOS. There’s even a free PDF of it as well.