2 years ago

Get the Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book, anywhere in the world!

From the pages of The MagPi, the Projects Book is 200 pages of Raspberry Pi tutorials, projects and features that have never previously been printed

200 pages with tons of projects 

The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book has finally made its way across the Atlantic to physical stores in the USA and is also now available anywhere in the world when ordering online!

The fantastic book is made up of 200 pages of content, from projects and tutorials to interviews and reviews for everything Raspberry Pi. Most of these articles are from issues 31 to 35 of The MagPi that were never printed, so it’s a great way to complete your MagPi collection!

Buy it now from:

If you want to try and pick up a copy in the US or UK at a real life store, we’ve put together a map as a guide for where you might find one:

We can’t guarantee that every store on this map has any stock, so ring up beforehand to make sure they do.