9 months ago

FullpHAT: Attach two pHATs to one Raspberry Pi

RasP.iO’s latest HAT allows you to attach two Zero-sized pHATs to a single Pi. The FullpHAT also exposes all the unused headers and connectors to give you maximum flexibility with your build.

Alex Eames, of RasPi.TV and RasPiO, tells us: “I tend to design and make something that I want to use,” explaining that he wanted to crowdfund the FullpHAT to “assess the demand”. There have been over 400 orders of the FullpHAT, twice the initial target.

Connect two HATS to one Raspberry Pi with FullpHAT

Alex suggests a few uses for the FullpHAT: a RasPiO InsPiRing and a Pimoroni Inky pHAT “go well together … With an Analog Zero and DAC Zero, you can play music or sounds while reading sensors.” As you have all the pins broken out, it’s easy to add extra components to your build.

As with any HAT stack, you must avoid potential conflicts, “but on Gadgetoid’s pinout.xyz you can check to see which pins/ports most pHATs use” – great tip, Alex!

The FullpHAT costs only £8, you can get one on the RasPiO website.