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Free Raspberry Pi 3A+ with a 12-month subscription

Get a free Raspberry Pi 3A+ worth £25 with a new 12-month subscription to The MagPi magazine

Take out a 12-month subscription to The MagPi magazine and we’ll give you a free Raspberry Pi 3A+ board worth £25.

The Raspberry Pi 3A+ is the latest Raspberry Pi computer. It has the a 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, dual-band wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2/BLE in the same mechanical format as the Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+

Click here to take out a 12-month subscription to The MagPi magazine.

Free Raspberry Pi 3A+

Get a free Raspberry Pi 3A+ worth £25 with a 12-month subscription to The MagPi magazine

How to get your free Raspberry Pi 3A+

We’ve only got a limited amount of Raspberry Pi 3A+ boards, so if you want to get a free Raspberry Pi 3A+ be sure to snap up a subscription soon.

  1. Click here to visit The Raspberry Pi Press Store
  2. Choose your Location
  3. Click Add to Cart

The free Raspberry Pi 3A+ will be added to your cart alongside the 12-month subscription. Click Check Out and enter your email, and shipping address. Complete the purchase and we will ship you a Raspberry Pi 3A+ and an issue of The MagPi.

You’ll get 12 copies of The MagPi magazine in total. One every month as it is released.

The offer replaces our usual free Pi Zero W and Official Case. Once we have run out of Raspberry Pi 3A+ we will revert to our usual (and still amazing) offer of a free Pi Zero W.

More importantly. You’ll get the next 12 issues of The MagPi magazine delivered directly to your door. The MagPi  magazine has inspirational projects from the maker community, and incredible tutorials that teach you coding, electronics and maker skills.

Raspberry Pi 3A+

The Raspberry Pi 3A+ board

What is a Raspberry Pi 3A+?

The Raspberry Pi 3A+ is the latest single board computer (SBC) from Raspberry Pi. It’s a low-cost computer used by digital makers, computer enthusiasts and students of all ages.

With a Raspberry Pi 3A+ you can run Raspbian (the official OS) based on Debian Linux. Or you can run a range of different operating systems. The Raspberry Pi can be programmed, and the GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins enable it to control, and respond to, electronic components.

You can turn the Raspberry Pi into almost anything. A media player, music system, retro gaming console, a magic mirror, smart speaker, just use it as an extremely versatile home computer. It’s easy to use, and The MagPi features regular features and tutorials.

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