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Formula Pi 2018 Final

Gearing up for the final Formula Pi race of the year

Formula Pi, the self-driving robot racing competition, is gearing up for a grand final tonight.

The finals are due to start at 18:30 GMT on Wed 10 Oct 2018.

It’s been an exciting year for Formula Pi, with new cars running at twice the speed of the first-generation of racers.

“It’s been a really exciting year of racing with lots of new faces making the final,” says Claire Pollard, PiBorg developer. Teams taking place in the final include Electromaker.io, IQaudIO, Makerspaces in Denmark and individuals from around the world.

“Hopefully the finals will be just as busy with lots of racing action”

Formula Pi 2018 Grand Final – watch the live stream here

You can watch the Grand Finals tonight on YouTube using this video (below):

Teams submit code to Formula Pi in advance and the races take place in real-time (on the Formula Pi’s track in Cambridge). Multiple cameras around the track enable teams to watch their car race and Claire provide’s live-commentary. You can join in online and watch the  races on the Formula Pi website (it really is a great event to watch).

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The Formula Pi 2018 Final

Writing on the Formula Pi blog, Claire says

This year, the challenge rounds have played a pivotal role in the results, meaning that teams who hone their crash avoidance code have been more successful. It’s been a real battle to get to the final, with teams showing fantastic form throughout the competitive racing and challenge rounds. All teams will be gunning to get into the first corner first!

There will be two races run on Wednesday night: the B-final to decide sixth to tenth place, and the A-final to decide the top five and who takes this year’s crown. The top three will received prizes, laser cut trophies and the knowledge that they are a generally amazing human being

Next year’s Formula Pi looks to be even more exciting, with qualified teams getting their hands on the new Raptor-class robots. These even faster cars can do a lap in just seven seconds, and have moulded chassis designed by engineers at Rolls Royce. They are more like ‘real cars’ than ever.

Formula Pi Raspberry Fields

A Formula Pi track set up at the Raspberry Fields festival