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C64: Emulating a Commodore 64 on Raspberry Pi

It's easy to emulate a C64 on the Raspberry Pi

Emulating a Commodore C64 on the Raspberry Pi using RetroPie 

Commodore released one of the world’s most beloved computers in 1982, the Commodore 64. And like most retro computers, it’s easy to emulate the C64 on the Raspberry Pi.

Hot on the heels of his tutorial on emulating an Amiga, comes this video from Dan Wood. In it he walks you through the process of turning a Raspberry Pi into a Commodore 64.

Turn a Raspberry Pi into a C64

“I have my Raspberry Pi 2 connected to my TV,” says Dan. “I have my ethernet plugged in you will be able to use Wi-Fi also but you need an internet connection to download and install the emulator.”

Dan connects an Xbox One controller to the Raspberry using a USB cable, which he uses to play games. The software installation is RetroPie.

The Commodore 64 had a great collection of games built for it over the years, and exploring old systems like the Commodore 64 is a great way to get a better understanding of how computers have evolved.

Sadly, this project doesn’t include a case (which is odd as Dan used a case reminiscent of the Commodore in his other project, the Amiga). There are lots of 3D Printed cases for the C64, like this Commodore on Etsy.

  • Michael G. Hazelett

    Is there a group or some one that has a book on combiding a rasb pi into a c64 computer? Drawing;echedmatic ?

  • Pedro Díaz Pavón

    La posibilidad de realizar esto y este tutorial me parecen fantástico. Voy a intentarlo. Muchas gracias

  • Pedro Díaz Pavón

    Excuse me! I wrote it in perfect Spanish, I said that just the posibility of emulating my C64 in a RaspBerry and, this tutorial both seem to me fantastic. Thank you very much

  • StCreed

    I wonder if the loading goes faster when you enable a turbo cartridge or load something like ABC Turboload first.