5 months ago

Colour-coded Pi Zero W boards

Pi Supply has released a pair of Pi Zero boards with colour-coded GPIO pins, as well as a separate colour-coded header, to make your mini-builds a bit easier.

As John Whiting, director of marketing for Pi Supply, explains, “A lot of users have struggled in the past remembering the GPIO layout, so the coloured header is a low-cost way of not having to remember the layout or go off and Google it.”

Colour-coded Pi Zero W header

The colour-coding follows the usual convention, where red is +5 V, yellow is +3.3 V (also referred to as 3V3), black is ground, blue is DNC (or reversed I2C), and green shows the GPIO pins.

“The reaction has been great”, John tells us. “We’ve had many users say how helpful this GPIO header is, particularly for beginners.”

John adds that “we hope to see a colour-coded header on the main Raspberry Pi boards in the future!”

The colour-coded Pi Zero 1.3 costs £9.16, the Pi Zero W £12.50, and the header only £1.25, all from uk.pi-supply.com.