2 years ago

Christmas cut-off dates for getting MagPi 40!

Here are the final dates you'll need to subscribe by to get your copy of issue 40 before Christmas

It’s been just about two weeks since the launch of The MagPi issue 40. We’ve had such a huge influx of subscriptions we’ve had to dedicated an entire print run to ensure everyone gets their copy!

That means the only guaranteed way to get a copy of issue 40 and your free #PiZero at the moment is via a subscription.


If want to subscribe to get a copy of issue 40 and get it before Christmas (postal service willing!), here are the cut-off dates:

  • USA: Subscribe by 1pm CST Friday 11 December.
  • EU: Subscribe by 6pm CET on Friday 11 December.
  • UK: Subscribe by 6pm GMT on Sunday 13 December.

This isn’t a guarantee, but it does leave lots of leeway for the postal service to get it out to you.

If you’ve already subscribed your copy is already at the top of the queue and you’ll get it before Christmas!


We’ve also got a bit of bad news for our American readers. If you’ve asked us in the past two weeks when copies of 40 were hitting Barnes & Noble, we have been telling you they should start to appear a week before Christmas.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case.

It turns out we were given some bad information on the delay between UK and US release, and the magazine will be in Barnes & Nobles later than expected. According to our suppliers, they’ll be in stores all across the US by 12 January 2016. While issues will be turning up a little earlier on the East coast, it does mean they won’t be hitting stores before Christmas in America.

All we can do is apologise. We’re devastated that you all can’t get go out and buy our Christmas issue for Christmas as planned, however we can tell you that we’ll be printing copies in the US quite early in the New Year, so the delay between UK and US release will be next to no time at all!

  • KK

    Can someone tell me if it will be possiblity to get MagPi #40 in some traditional shops? Or it will be only available on subscription?

  • Will it be available in any shops in Belgium?

  • Laurie Brimmer

    Does this mean there will be no more in the UK shops today as mentioned in a previous article?

  • how to track the shipment status for my subscription ?

  • Gemma Bruce

    I’d like to know that answer too, is it worth scouring the shops or should I just subscribe?

  • NICK


  • Montala

    Just a bit of info for those in the UK who had already pre-ordered a subscription; I have just been advised that the first batch went out last Thursday by Royal Mail 2nd Class post, so should hopefully arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately they then had to wait for some more Pi Zero’s to be manufactured, so the second batch may not be shipped until the middle of next week, but should still be received well before Christmas.

    This first delivery will include Issue 40 together with the cover-mounted Zero plus the free cable set., but then of course the next Issue, No. 41, won’t be that far behind!

    Hope this helps!

  • Jakub Bieniaszewski

    I’ve bought EU subscription 27 Nov, been told that should be delivered till 10 December. Today is 12th and notthing. It was not shipped to Poland

  • Glenn Dobson

    Considering the demand for this issue and the Pi 0, I’m just grateful we had the option to subscribe and get issue 40. I’m watching my mail box closely 🙂

  • Dave Couchman-Boor

    Hi, I was one of the lucky ones who found a single copy of issue 40 in the shops, unfortunately I am not convinced my zero works. I am unable to get a signal on my monitor and the power button on the zero flashes. Can someone advise as to whether there is a problem with the zero or the hdmi adaptor.

  • alex.pit

    Got it yesterday in Luxembourg! Now it’s Christmas! 🙂

  • VinDon

    Subscribed on 1st Dec in the UK but still waiting here. Got a very impatient 13yr waiting to add to his collection of Raspberry Pi’s

  • fmka;lwlkfds

    shucks. I was waiting for some cross-border shopping to go get the magpi at B&N for christmas 🙁

  • s1ng0

    I waited roughly 2 weeks for mine to come through 🙂

  • Simon Minnican

    Paid for subscription on 28th November here in UK. Still waiting. Postal service is as slow as the Raspberry Pi.. 🙂

  • diagonalbatmam

    And me….. No sign yet. Over 4 weeks now

  • berrieds

    Okay, glad it’s not only me, I’ve been waiting more than 2 week also 🙂

  • G109B

    I am beginning to think that they are getting stolen in transit, they are still selling for £30-£40 on eBay.

  • Thomas David

    I was just told that second press of the mag pi 40 got shipped out on Dec. 14th, and that all in that shipment will have cables included.

  • G109B

    So that is one week in the post ? That must be a record even for Royal Mail.

  • Thomas David

    I’m in the states, so I’m sure you’ll have yours long before I get mine.

  • G109B

    Wey-hey, arrived today complete with HDMI and USB adapters, and in a plain white envelope to conceal it. Thanks Magpi, I take it all back.

  • Jozef Sith

    I paid for a subscription MagPi 1st Dec 2015 and today 22th Dec 2015 neither rumor nor hearing about. It is not a scam?

  • Jozef Sith

    Yes, it’s a scam.

  • i didn’t got that at ? 🙁 i am feeling sad 🙁

  • Laurie Brimmer

    Well today I see that issue 41 is in the shops so I guess that answers my earlier question about whether any more issue 40’s would be back in the shops 🙁

  • Jozef Sith

    Confirmed, I want my money back!!!

  • Christina

    Hey guys, I was freaking out too and then my mail just delivered my magazine about 10 minutes ago. I live in Modesto California to give you a possible estimate of when you will get yours.

  • Glenn Dobson

    I’m in Santa Barbara California and mine just showed up 🙂 Woo Hoo! Kinda want to skip Xmas day and just play with my new Pi Zero

  • Ricardo Arredondo

    I live in Orcutt CA and I got mine yesterday 11-23-15 in the mail I ordered cyber Monday.

  • Ricardo Arredondo

    I got mine 12-23-15. I am I. Orcutt. It’s not a scam

  • Richard RQ van Stappershoef

    Got my first issue (number 40) just 2 days ago, complete with a Pi Zero ! Wow, still flabbergasted and already today issue 41 arriveerde. I can’t read that fast 😉 Where can I buy all off the printed back issues?

    Richard (the Netherlands)

  • Thomas David

    I’ve got to give a big thank you to the mag pi magazine. I appreciate all of the hard work you all put into sending the December issue out and beat your own deadlines to boot!
    I live stateside and while my teenage sons were dreaming of possibly getting a new game system for Christmas, I was hoping that I would receive the December issue of mag pi by the second week of January. Much to my surprise, I was totally floored to find it in my mailbox on Christmas eve!
    So thanks again mag pi, may you and yours have a fruitful new year.

  • Jozef Sith

    Christmas was four days ago and still nothing

  • Pika Droo

    I just got issue 41 so what is the deal? where is my issue 40 I never got it! >=(

    If I don’t get it by the end of this month I am disputing the charge with my CC.

  • Will magpi come to Indigo Chapters?

  • Jozef Sith

    29th Dec 2015 and still nothing

  • Jozef Sith

    30th Dec 2015 as well as the 29th Dec 2015

  • Jozef Sith

    31th Dec 2015 still the same

  • Chris Doolittle

    Does anyone know how much this magazine costs at Barnes and Noble?

  • jmb

    I believe it is either 9.95 or 14.99

  • Jozef Sith

    5th Jan 2016 still the same

  • Jozef Sith

    From payment of subscriptions past 40 days and still do not have any magazine, it is really a scam.

  • Daniel

    We had been calling our local Barnes & Noble in Burbank, Calif., daily since January 4th asking about it. I would even stop in and ask every Monday and Friday. Nothing. Talked to them daily this past weekend. Nothing. Finally checked in on Monday morning. “Oh, yeah, we apparently had four issues on Friday. Odd, there’s no record of them being sold, though.” 🙁

  • Woz Brown

    A great mag! I totally missed issue 40 in Smiths, missed it on the website but signed up for the update thinking what the hell? Got the update email about the subscription offer and promptly signed up for 12 issues. Didn’t really expect to get an issue 40 after all the hype but the guys at MagPi came through. I now have a Zero, fantastic stuff!

  • Woz Brown

    All I need to do is track down a few print back issues (they are mighty rare on ebay!). Maybe a best of bookazine featuring content from the last 12 issues is in order?

  • Jozef Sith

    13th Jan 2016 still the same

  • Jozef Sith

    18th Jan 2016 still the same

  • Jozef Sith

    27th Jan 2016 still the same and still do not have any magazine, it is really a scam.

  • Scott B

    If my local Barnes and Noble stores (I’ve been trying several stores) haven’t gotten # 40 yet, should I give up? I’ve been to Broomall, PA daily. They have had #39 on the shelves, but I’ve never seen #40. They cannot tell me when they will have it, if they will ever have it, or if they got their 3 copies and they have been sold.