1 year ago

Cement Thwomp: Pi Zero games console

Cement Thwomp is a retro games console, based on a Mario baddie, made from actual cement.

We have a new contender for the ongoing competition to find the coolest Pi Zero console. Cement Thwomp by Geeksmithing takes a bad guy from the Mario series and turns him into a retro games console.

The coolest thing about cement Thwomp is that he’s made from actual cement.

Most of the video is Geeksmithing going through various attempts to create a 3D mold to contain the mix.

Making Thwomp from cement

He starts by creating a 3D printed mold of the character. He then tries to submerge it in liquid rubber but runs into problems with polystyrene. Next, he uses liquid silicon rubber. But he runs into more problems with keeping it in the box.

After he has put the silicon mold together, Geeksmithing uses a cement mix to create the actual character. He bravely waterproofs a Pi Zero and pushes it inside the cement mix. Only afterwards he finds it hasn’t been waterproofed enough.

Then he starts the whole process again. Only this time he waterproofs a Pi Zero using a glue gun.

Geeksmithing deserves a medal for persistence. All his attempts paid off in the end, and the result is a gloriously working Thwomp console.

You can download the final model he used to make the cast from Thingiverse.

Alternatively, Geeksmihting is offering to sell unpainted cement casting of the classic character. “While I will clean him up a bit out of the mold, it will require you to take him the rest of the way,” he says.