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AIY projects a huge success, how to buy a Voice Kit when it goes on sale?

Missed out on The MagPi #57? Get hold of an AIY Projects Voice Kit when it goes on sale

Issue 57 of The MagPi proved so popular that people quickly resorted to asking staff to look under counters and in back rooms for spare copies to buy. The reason is our giveaway: a free AIY Projects Voice Kit developed by Google.

If you missed the initial release of issue 57 and just want the exclusive AIY Projects Voice Kit on its own, you might be in luck. Raspberry Pi and Google are working to figure out a way to make the kits available in the longer term.

If you’re interested in buying the AIY Projects Voice Kit, sign up for The MagPi newsletter:

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  2. Enter your Email, First Name, Last Name.
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The AIY Projects Voice Kit was a free gift with issue 57, allowing you to add natural voice interactions to your projects easily and for free. The kit comprises an AIY Projects Voice HAT, a stereo microphone, large arcade-style button, and a selection of wires. In typical Google style, you make the case out of cardboard.

Everybody who got a copy of the magazine seemed to love building the natural language recognizer.

“I had fun building the #AIYProjects this weekend with my son,” tweeted The MagPi reader Stephen Keep. “It was his first electronics project.”

“What a wonderful unexpected surprise,” said Simon Patterson.

The magazine quickly sold out at WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. We hope you were one of the lucky ones who got a copy.

The magazine was also available in the United States at Barnes & Noble, Micro Center, and other stockists.

“I picked up my copy of The MagPi last night,” said Brian Krohn‏ on Twitter. “Barnes & Noble only had two copies left.”

With copies quickly selling out, many readers wanted to know if the kit will be available on its own. “Where can I order one?” asked Will Bunker.

How to buy an AIY Projects Voice Kit when it goes on sale



We will email you if AIY Projects Voice Kit becomes available for purchase. Our newsletter is a good way to be the first to know about special issues of The MagPi.

We can’t say for sure that the AIY Projects Voice Kit will be available for purchase, but we are pretty confident that a longer term solution can be found.

Many people subscribe to The MagPi, and these folks got the AIY Projects kit with their monthly issue. Sadly there are no AIY Projects kits left for new subscribers, we have sold out completely.

Remember that subscribing to The MagPi is the best way to ensure you get special projects, like the Voice Kit, in future.

Don’t forget: you also get a free Pi Zero W, case, and cable bundle with new 12-month subscriptions.

Pi Zero W official case

  • The tweet about this got me excited, thinking that they’d gone on sale 🙁

  • Jeremy Clements

    What’s under the hood????

    It’s great that we can buy this, but why can’t we build it? The maker community tends to like the build just as much as the end result.

    How about giving us a parts list. How much of this is “proprietary” from Google, and how much is off-the-shelf?

    If you build it, they will come. If you let them build it, they will make it better.

  • karan sheth

    You can build it without this parts there is a guide for it at google voice sdk website

  • Blaine Sherman

    Is there parts list or something. I want to build this SO BAD!!

  • Mark Gilchrist

    afaik the HAT is proprietry, but there must be alternatives you can use

  • Chad Kovac

    No mention in first several paragraphs what an AIY is or why I should care. Pretty narrow scope there.

  • Peter Rattew

    Its a mixture of the two acronyms, AI and DIY. So… Artificial Intelligence Yourself.

  • Peter Rattew

    Really hoping they manage to get more stock in as i have checked every store near me ha

  • Chad Kovac

    That sounds awesome! I think that should’ve been briefly introduced at the start. 😉

  • Jerome Hess

    KARAN, I saw your post yesterday so I tried to go find it. Either my search abilities stink (which could be) or im just using the wrong terms. If you could post a link here There would be lots of folks that would appreciate it im sure.


  • I’d love to get the magazine as well to be honest but nowhere has any left! And there are none available for subscribers, and the subscription is on issue 58 now anyway so presumably new subscribers can’t get number 57.

  • Johnwh46

    Wondering if instead of the Hats the audio side could be handled over a bluetooth speaker with microphone:?

  • “What a wonderful unexpected surprise,” said Simon Patterson.

    The magazine quickly sold out at WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. We hope you were one of the lucky ones who got a copy.

  • karan sheth

    Sorry For late Reply , Was Busy A Bit . I LIve in INDIA so I was not able to find my own MagPi Issue with the kit so i made my own using the google sdk(
    https://developers.google.c… ) and its even possible using the aiy image file ( http://www.androidauthority… )
    I recommend using the Google SDK as it is updated more frequently compared to the aiy image .
    At the time of writing this the SDK is on 0.3.0 version whereas the AIY Image is on 0.1.0 version which does not support OK Google / Hey Google Detection .
    Recommend Hardware :
    1) Raspberry Pi 2 / Raspberry Pi 3 ( Note : If you use Rpi 2 you will need Wifi Dongle )(Note 2 : I have not tested this but as per me the sdk should work on orange pi and banana pi also, if anyone can confirm this it would be great)
    2) USB MIC ( USB Webcam with Microphone works Great)
    3)Speaker with 3.5mm Jack
    Note : If you use the AIY IMAGE File then It is necessary to edit files which is properly documented by Andriod Authority ( http://www.androidauthority… )
    Offtopic Side Note : If you are doing this as a permanent home/office project than you might also want to install “PiHole” on Your raspberry pi . I have no connection with the pihole project but i loved it when i came across it just check it out.

  • gcstang

    Do you have to push the button for Voice control or does it just work like the Google Home where it’s automatic?

  • Chris Calzaretta


    Any ETA on when the Google AIY Voice kit will go on sale? It has been over 4 months

    Thank you


  • Bhargav Garre Venkata

    There are preorders now at Micro Center, Adafruit, and Pimoroni.

  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    Micro Center has a pre-sale promo going on right now. Buy the Pi 3 and get the AIY kit for a penny. It says I can pick it up Oct 28.

  • emma test

    Micro center had a whole pile of these voice kits. Limit 5 per person – price is $9.99
    at the Dallas TX location