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Build a Raspberry Pi Project in The MagPi 81

Start a new computing journey by building a project with Raspberry Pi. This month's edition has expert advice from makers; basic skills and kit you need; and a curated selection of beginner-friendly projects. All in The MagPi #81

The MagPi issue #81 

So you’ve set up your Raspberry Pi, surfed the web, and played around with Raspbian OS. Now it’s time to make your Raspberry Pi do something in the real world.

In The MagPi #81, we look at the best way to build a Raspberry Pi project. We’ve scoured the community to get tips and tricks from famous makers; collected all the best skills and kit you’ll need; and put together a varied list of quirky and interesting projects to get you started.

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Build a car computer

One of the ultimate mods is to upgrade your car with the latest computer technology. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to connect a Raspberry Pi to your car system to access telemetry data. You can add GPS and dash-cam recording functionality to your car. Everything you need to know is in The MagPi #81.

Feature - Build a Car Computer

Build a car computer

The GTA: San Andreas Radio project

Grand Theft Auto is famous for its radio stations, with folks enjoying the in-record jokes and chat as much as the music. The GTA: San Andreas Radio Set puts all this audio inside a classic radio. Use the tuning knob to switch channels thanks to a Raspberry Pi and two rotary encoders.

Showcase 1 - GTA Radio

The GTA: San Andreas Radio

Putting a Raspberry Pi inside a Commodore monitor

The Raspberry Pi is an excellent computer for retro emulation, and we’re no strangers to turning a Raspberry Pi into a Commodore 64. One reader has taken things to a whole new level by putting a Raspberry Pi inside the age-old Commodore 1702 monitor.

Showcase 2 - Commodore Monitor

The Commodore Monitor

Learn to play with Chord Assist

This guitar has been turned into an AI voice assistant to help deaf, blind, and mute people learn to play the guitar. Read all about it in this month’s edition of The MagPi magazine.

Showcase 3 - Chord Assist

Chord Assist

This Month in Pi: Coolest Projects USA

CoderDojo’s spectacular event returns to Los Angeles and showcases some of the best projects built by students across America.

This Month - Coolest Projects

Coolest Projects 2019

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