2 months ago

AIY Projects pre-order: get the new kit with 76-page Essentials Guide

Following overwhelming popularity of the free Google AIY Projects Voice Kits we offered with issue 57, the kits are now being made and sold as standalone products.

You can pre-order AIY Projects Voice Kits in the UK for £25 from the following places:

Or in the US from Micro Centre for $24.99.

The new kits are easier to assemble than the initial freebies, thanks to a pre-assembled arcade button.

AIY Projects new kit

AIY Projects new kit available for pre-order

AIY Projects also features “a vastly improved API that makes it a lot easier to program” according to our own Editor, Lucy Hattersley. The new API is fully-compatible with the original AIY Projects kit.

The kit will also come with a 76‑page The MagPi Essentials book to get you started.

As Lucy puts it: “The new AIY Projects Essentials book is a brilliant introduction to voice recognition technology using Google Assistant SDK and Google Speech APIs.”

The kits are made and distributed by US retailer Micro Center, as merchandise manager Samantha Snyder explains: “Originally, we approached Google with a large order of kits to give away to our customers who purchase a Raspberry Pi 3, after the massive demand for The MagPi kit.”

“We immediately volunteered to handle manufacturing and logistics,” she adds.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the kits selling out: “as long as there is demand, we plan to keep making them,” confirms Samantha. Micro Center has “been tracking their demand closely to ensure they will stay in stock,” she tells us.

Pimoroni director Jon Williamson agrees: “Initial unit count shouldn’t be an issue … we expect to be able to get hold of as many as needed, within reason.”

Samantha also confirms that “We plan to work with Google and the Raspberry Pi Foundation to provide feedback on the kits.” The future of AIY Projects is bright.

  • Scott Nester

    Pre-ordered mine from MicroCenter!

  • Sylvain Legault

    Where can I order this to be delivered in Canada?

  • Wanda Harrington

    Canada seems to be left out in the cold … (literally, it’s snowing in Calgary today!). Can you not find a Canuck distributor for us? Memory Express is where I buy my RPi machines.

  • trew

    Received my Kit yesterday but the Kit contains a Blue button with NO switch inside as per the picture in booklet showing componant with crown.
    There is a switch and lamp holder separate but no addendum on how to use/fit into blue button.

  • _Chris Norris

    Did you get any feedback as I have the same button and cannot figure out how to seat the switch component in the holder.

  • trew

    At the moment it’s a NO feedback. I can’t figurecit out either must have that bit missing.

  • caperjack

    I know this is old ,but as a Canadian I had to resort to ordering it from abroad, Pimoroni was my choice as it is for a lot of my stuff ,