1 year ago

Where to get MagPi 40 in the USA

Our special Raspberry Pi Zero is starting to hit Stateside - here's where you might be able to grab a copy…

To all the patient American readers who have been waiting for a copy of issue 40, we’re pleased to tell you that they’re now turning up all over the country. To help you track down a copy of your own, we’ve put together a map of places that should be stocking issues, namely a large selection of Barnes & Noble and Micro Center stores:

Now we must warn you it’s not a live map of stock of the magazine. We absolutely cannot guarantee that any or all of the places on this map will have stock. We’ve already heard of a few places selling out so we highly recommend ringing ahead so that you can avoid a wild goose chase.

#40 Subscriptions

No matter where you are in the world, if you’re still unable to find issue 40 near you, our subscription offer for #40 is still open: subscribe today to get #40, your free Raspberry Pi Zero and a cable bundle! You must specify that you want issue #40 when you subscribe and your subscription will skip a copy (#41) so you can catch up and receive the very latest issue when it arrives at the end of this month.

Check out our subscription page for more information and good hunting!

  • Billy Thompson

    Most of the Barnes and Nobles were sent 3 copies. I did hear from a friend of mine that MicroCenters are also a place to find copies as that’s where my friend got theirs from.

    Good luck! Happy pi hunting.

  • Forrest Snyder

    I went the day they came in, last week. The Barnes and Noble in Burlington, MA got 7 copies. 4 were reserved ahead of time. They sold the other three within 2 hours. The sales associate called around and all of the B & N’s that she called were sold out. As far as I could determine, all of the Boston area stores were sold out last week.

  • Sean Monaghen

    My normal Barnes and Noble that serves the City of Wichita KS. City of 400,000 plus only recieved 3 copies. They said normally they recieve 20 copies. They were told the publisher was limiting the copies being delivered. They were also told that no additional copies would be provided.

  • scarabcoder

    Looks like I won’t be getting one 🙁 The nearest store is a 6 hour drive. *sigh*

  • B&N Natomas, CA – Received & Sold all 3 on the 9th.
    B&N Sacramento, CA – Received 3 & Sold out.
    B&N Roseville, CA – Received 6 & Sold out.
    B&N Citrus Heights, CA – Received & Sold out.

  • Doug Graham

    Nuts…and Spokane is a two-hour drive for me. I suppose I could subscribe to get one…

  • Shane Mackey

    Called four stores in Sac….Sold out in one day in Sacramento 🙁

  • Shane Mackey

    Did you hear any word of when they may get more?

  • Didn’t sound like they would.

  • harsha forgplay

    didnt have the passcode to find “garage” in cambridge MA !!! does anyone know in which magical world this place exists!!

  • Alexander Swensen

    I went to my local Barns n Nobel to pick up some books yesterday. On a whim I went to the magazine section and found 3 issues. I grabbed one for me and one for my dad. Props to whoever gets that last one. 🙂

  • Barnes & Noble in Boulder, CO doesn’t carry it. I’ve been by there and checked twice. Spoke with two different store reps.

  • Graham E

    Barnes & Noble at Mall of Georgia, Buford had 3 left last night. Then I bought one so only two left now.

  • Heath

    Our local Barnes and Noble (Dallas, TX) didn’t even put them on the shelf…you had to know to ask behind the counter. Here’s to hoping that this happens in every January edition going forward 🙂

  • Ricardo Arredondo

    Barnes & Noble in San Luis Obispo got 3 and all the were Sold!


    Barnes and nobles in Miami has 2 magazine only because the raspi zero were stolen …super disappointing


  • Mike

    I just got mine on the 13-14th at Barnes and Nobles in Fort Worth. I had been calling for the last week or so and I got the last one there I was told. They said many people had been calling looking for it.

  • Diraan

    If I subscribe today (6 days after this was posted), will I still get a #40?

  • Meh

    Having looked (and failed) for issue #40 reminded me why I loath Black Friday sales – Awesome deal for all 2 or 3 items in the store. That combined with my ‘mixed’ experience of B&N reps, I would boycott B&N indefinitely if it weren’t for a few reps that redeemed my opinion of B&N.

    Sincere congrats to all who were able to find issue #40!

  • Bill

    I asked for my three issue subscription to start on issue 40 but what did they send me first? Issue 41. Huh not a very happy chappy.

  • Phillip Morris

    Has anyone seen Issue 57 May 2017 anywhere ?? Cannot get it at all here in UK ..help !! looking for an Angel in USA 😉 will pay by PayPal no problem 😉