2 years ago

Where to get MagPi 40 in the USA

Our special Raspberry Pi Zero is starting to hit Stateside - here's where you might be able to grab a copy…

To all the patient American readers who have been waiting for a copy of issue 40, we’re pleased to tell you that they’re now turning up all over the country. To help you track down a copy of your own, we’ve put together a map of places that should be stocking issues, namely a large selection of Barnes & Noble and Micro Center stores:

Now we must warn you it’s not a live map of stock of the magazine. We absolutely cannot guarantee that any or all of the places on this map will have stock. We’ve already heard of a few places selling out so we highly recommend ringing ahead so that you can avoid a wild goose chase.

#40 Subscriptions

No matter where you are in the world, if you’re still unable to find issue 40 near you, our subscription offer for #40 is still open: subscribe today to get #40, your free Raspberry Pi Zero and a cable bundle! You must specify that you want issue #40 when you subscribe and your subscription will skip a copy (#41) so you can catch up and receive the very latest issue when it arrives at the end of this month.

Check out our subscription page for more information and good hunting!