Raspberry Pi Learning Resources

What you will need


As well as a Raspberry Pi with an SD card and the usual peripherals, you'll also need:

  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module
  • Raspberry Pi touchscreen display or standard monitor
  • 2 x tactile push buttons
  • Breadboard
  • 4 x Male-female jumper leads
  • 2 x large buttons (optional, to replace tactile push buttons)

For more information on the hardware requirements, see the hardware information page.


To prepare for this resource, you'll need an up-to-date SD card image. See the updating Raspbian guide.

You'll also need the following additional software installed:

  • Python 3 picamera
  • Python 3 guizero
  • Python 3 twython
  • Python 3 PIL

For information on installing these libraries, see the software installation page.


You'll also need:

  • A cardboard box (optional)