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Pi as a web server

Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:11 am

Hi all,

I am looking for some suggestions as to how I should proceed with the Pi web server. I have the LAMP stack all set up and have checked the it works page so I know that is all good. I have googled all of this and am getting more confused as I go!

I have:
Set up a static IP address for my Pi
checked my external IP address
Set my router to forward port 80 to the internal Pi IP

When I type in the external IP address in a browser and I get a 'not available' message.

Also I have set up a domain name with go daddy and set the external IP to that. I can't see that when I type the domain name in a browser either. I can't find a definitive answer on what the host should be.

I hope the community can help me with some suggestions as to where to go next with this.



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Re: Pi as a web server

Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:31 am

Lots of routers don't accept your own public IP, when the request comes from the local network.

Ask someone else to connect to your domain. It should work, if everything else is OK.
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