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Re: RPI RTL-SDR server: Segmentation fault.

Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:55 pm

W9RAN wrote:Slaven,

After a bit more experimenting I got audio to run, using VLC to play the audio stream at port :1234. However, I can only get it to work with Steam BWbit set to 8000, which works with either Ogg Vobis or FLAC codecs. But with 16000 or higher settings, both MNM and VLC seem to be working normally with no error messages, but no audio streaming occurs. If I turn the volume all the way up there is a faint hiss that starts and stops when I start/stop the audio streaming. While not essential it would be nice to have higher fidelity audio for FM BC.

I also found that MNM won't start if there is any other user logged onto the Pi. I was going to log on from the terminal to see what the CPU utilization was, but don't know how to do that now.

A small suggestion for the GUI - if there was some indication that the audio stream was indeed being received by MNM, it would be helpful in isolating problems between MNM and the audio stream player.

Nice job, thanks again! Now I'll have to spend some time playing.

73, Bob W9RAN
It is much easier for me to point you at MNM4SDR homepage so here are the answers.
Speaking about Audio streaming, please visit the page bellow. ... umentation

Yes, in this version it is not possible to have more than one concurrent user logged in RPi. But in the next beta release it will be possible. But it is still possible to see cpu usage and here is how: ... 20function

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