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Re: Basic IO board for the CM

Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:32 am

elektrknight wrote:
jbeale wrote:If it helps, there is a script which converts Eagle schematics into KiCad: Eagle2Kicad conversion script http://www.circuitbee.com/help/eagleimport
Good find! Tried it but KiCad can not read converted schematic, complains about undefined DRAW command which seems to be a generic problem with these conversion scripts.

Also tried eagle2kicad-1.2.ulp from http://www.modulbot.com/download.html. This time got a bit further, KiCad can read the schematic but there is a problem with scale. DDR2 symbol is HUGE and and I can not even zoom out enough to see it.

So some progress, but need to look for solutions to the conversion problems.

See this link:

http://circuitbee.uservoice.com/forums/ ... 2kicad-ulp

The script contains the wrong value for g_Fact. It should be (254 * 32), not 254. After making that change and reexporting, things should work again.


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