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Refresh Subsonic database after 503 Error

Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:30 pm

Refresh Subsonic database after 503 Error

1. Stop Subsonic "service subsonic stop"
2. Backup your /var/subsonic/db/subsonic.script file
This file contains a handful of SQL statements that will be used later to recreate your users, media directory settings, etc.
"cp /var/subsonic/db/subsonic.script /root/"
3. Delete the contents of your /var/subsonic/db/ directory "rm /var/subsonic/db/*"
4. Restore your subsonic.script file "cp /root/subsonic.script /var/subsonic/db/"
5. Start Subsonic "service subsonic start"

Your media library will now be empty, you'll want to go to "Settings..." "Media Folders..." and click "Scan media folders now"

Good luck!

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