Replacing SNESDev with my own version?

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by MarcusRaven » Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:43 pm
So I've recompiled SNESDev to suite my needs. (The only thing the button will do is "r" when held for longer than a second, and ESC when pressed once. That's all I want, and all I need.)

The problem now is I can't figure out how to install it where it needs to be. I'm assuming that the original version of it is still installed because when I activate it (polling only the button) within the RetroPie-Setup, it still behaves with 3 presses doing ESC and 5 shutting down. (One thing that I find really annoying is that it still holds onto the three presses after quitting a game, so two more shut down. Makes it really hard to test. What's the timeout on the press count?)

I'm NOT using the RetroPie GPIO Adapter, just a button hooked up to pin 11 (GPIO 17 I believe).

If I modified this wrong, I'd also love to know. My version can be found at
The only thing I modified was the button press event in SNESDev.c. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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