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pi for 3d printer

Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:34 am

Hey people please be kind as I am guessing this has been covered but can't find the answers I am looking for.
I see projects like reprap and think that would be awesome if faster. After a quick look at the motors used I doubt its that so have to assume its the micro used.
the only question here is why can't I use the pi instead of the arduino (off course a new shield will have to be made)?
I have seen things like real time etc but need this explained to me. could I hook up a RTC to make the timing better?
If there aren't enouh pins can't I use a shift register? what am I missin that makes the Pi not a very awesome replacement (other than I can't find a complete guide on how to do it) for the arduino in this case?

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Re: pi for 3d printer

Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:56 pm

You probably wont gain much speed out of the pi instead of an arduino, even if you could process the data as fast as the motors can go, the mechanical parts would not be able to handle ghe rapid snappinb back and forth needed. The speed of ghe reprap stuff is pretty normal for almost any 3d printer no matter ehat type of build style they use.
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