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Project to connect a TV wirelessly to the internet with Rpi

Sat Jul 20, 2013 7:19 pm

Recently I decided to start a blogsite about my experiences with Raspberry Pi http://rbnrpi.wordpress.com

I have just finished writing up a project http://wp.me/P3KOu1-s to connect my internet ready TV wirelessly to the internet, using a Raspberry Pi as the router. The tv is in a different room to my broadband router, and it is inconvenient to connect to it using an ethernet cable. The makers Panasonic do produce their own usb WiFi dongle (the only one the tv recognises!) but it is rather expensive. The Raspberry Pi is setup to connect to my broadband router by WiFi and the ethernet port is connected to the TV. The same setup could be used to connect any single computer with an ethernet port to the internet, or a small switch could be added to enable several computers to connect to the internet. The Pi has a fixed wireless address, and serves DHCP supported addresses from the ethernet port. Operation is headless and automatic. You just plug in the Rpi and connect it to the tv, which picks up its ip address automatically by DHCP and off you go.

The article is based on an original idea in an article by Glenn Lockwood http://users.sdsc.edu/~glockwood/sa/rpi-wifi-bridge.php but I have modified his ideas and included dhcp support.
As an exercise I have described setting up the project in detail, starting with setting up a new SD card, right through to the completed configured router. I also include download access to the configuration files and scripts required, with instructions to enable you to set up the system very quickly if you don't want to work through the article step by step.

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