Question for Max re: Berry Terminal lts.conf

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by greavette » Sun Jun 30, 2013 5:04 pm

From what I've gathered reading up on Berry Terminal, it ignores instructions in the lts.conf file.

What I was planning on doing was using LTSP to autologin to a Windows Virtual Machine when the client logs into their ltsp session. Since I can't use lts.conf, can anyone assist me with how I would do this auto connect to the Windows VM?

I finally figured out how to create my LTSP server and still use my router's DHCP server and not mess up my network (at least so far no issues). This would be one step closer to being able to replace our Windows computers in our small office with Raspberry Pi's.

Thank you.
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by greavette » Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:04 pm
Hello Max,

From what I've read, the lts.conf file is ignored. But you do have within cmdline.txt the ability to set the LTSP server to connect too. Would it be possible for me to modify your code to use an rdestkop instruction instead of a server instruction so that the Berry Terminal startup would connect to my Windows Virtual Machine instead of connecting to an LTSP server? Sorry, I have no experience with using the buildroot environment, but I'm willing to learn and try.

Thanks for any advice you are able to give me.
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by foolunderthehill » Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:13 pm
Hi Max,

i just ordered my 1st Raspberry for the same environment as you. I'll boot from the LTSP server to
start rdesktop. I've successfully realized that scenario with PCs and ASUS Eee Boxes. Let's see, how
the Raspberry works out.
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by greavette » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:48 pm
Sorry, I'm not Max...just a user of Max's incredible Berry Terminal system He's created for us.

I'd like to use the RDP function of LTSP but since lts.conf is ignored, the closest I can get to what I want to achieve is to connect to my LTSP server from Berry Terminal...for each client on my LTSP server I have as a startup application the rdesktop instruction to connect that client to the Windows Virtual machine I have assigned to them. With compression enabled on rdesktop I've noticed my RDP connection to the VM from LTSP is very fast (of course I'm on the same lan and I'm using Gigabit cards and switches). It's working very well for me.

Now I'm trying to setup either Epoptes or iTalc so I can manage each Thin Client....and hopefully Max can get back to us to explain if it's possible to recompile Berry Terminal to use the rdesktop function.

Good luck with your setup!
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