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Re: File and/or media server

Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:55 pm

Regarding backups, when reading this thread I was thinking why don't people use online for remote storage but it was pointed out cost could be high (also companies do muck up and go bust).

This got me thinking, a solution for me would be to setup a FTP server at work (R-Pi with USB hard drive?) and have encrypted files stored on there. Would need a base of data to start from, I'd hate to think how long 1TB would take with just 976kbps upload on my broadband - probably 3.5 months.

However, the real truth is I generally don't bother with backups and neither do most people. For me I understand the risks but know nothing is that important - I archieve to a USB drive (to save space) and do document backup (not sure why). I've never lost data due to corrupt hdd but have had computers die, never missed the data. I know not same for others.

The exception to this for me is my work. I have a body of databases, scripts and reports that makes up the fundamentals of my job and enables me to start at a new place and rapidly introduce reporting and analysis standards (I work in failing institutions until they improve enough and I get bored). This is stored in 6 different places (including CD, 7 as some bits printed).

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