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Error 2: Share Not Available/Ubuntu 12.04

Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:28 pm

I'm running my R.Pi on an ethernet connection and had been previously sharing content to Raspbmc from my Asus 1225C with Ubuntu 12.04.

I now have the much-discussed Error 2: Share Not Available problem. So far, I have tried:
- rebooting my R.Pi
- rebooting my Asus 1225C
- cancelling my shared folders and re-creating them
- re-installing Raspbmc
- changing the name of WORKGROUP, rebooting, reverting to original, rebooting
- giving user XBMC administrative rights (I think I did this correctly)
- adding the SMB share via Add Network Location (this produces a different error message, saying the 1225C is not connected)

I've had only the Error 2 message approx. 9872 times, and once or twice I've been able to Browse my SMB Workgroup but the 1225C is not detected. Excuse me if I haven't included any necessary information.

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