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Adobe Flash

Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:40 pm

Hallo all,
I'm very new to RPI and Linux and forums (Forae ?) so please be gentle with me.
Now then - Please forgive the length of this post - I hope someone will read and understand my feelings. I have used Mac and Windows OS for years and I'm reasonably competent with those at the blunt end. I bought a Pi to encourage my grandchildren (6 and 9) and myself to take an interest in the sharp end of computing. Scratch is great fun - not yet graduated to IDLE or PYTHON - although I've a few issues with Scratch, but save that for another time.

The reason for my post is the awful time I've had trying to install a Flash plugin so we can use some websites that demand it, and it has been a nightmare ! I've bought the official RPI book and does it mention installing Flash ? No it does not. Does the interwebnet help. It tries but unsuccessfully as far as I'm concerned. For example Adobe's site offers several Linux versions to download 32 or 64 bit ? Er sorry ? Pass. Ubuntu ? YUM? tar.gz ? .rpm ? Whatever they might be, a Debian version is nowhere to be seen. (And what is Raspbian ? Do I have it ?) and if I find the right one why isn't there a little button that just says "Install" I appreciate that in some contexts playing with a terminal can be educational and good for you. But not when you just want to install Flash to make web pages work properly !

I found helpful command lines to type into my LX terminal. and they did stuff - well they tried to run, as opposed to just saying "command not recognised" but always fail to work. Usually says it cannot find something. By the way what is the difference between Debian/ Etch and Debian/ Lenny? And What is mine if I bought a full fat OEM SD card with the fruit ?

I'm tempted to try running a blog on all my bewildering experiences (such as why "ejecting" a USB drive produces an error message saying "error staring job: failed to execute child or process", or why the lovely clear display using HDMI and a modern TV only works if the TV is plugged in to the box before the RPI is booted up.) but have no idea how to start blogging ! Anyone out there really know how I can to get Flash running ?

If you have been - thank you for listening. If you reply with some helpful info and encouragement you can be my valentine.....but only if you are lady.

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Re: Adobe Flash

Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:49 pm

You could have spared you a lot of grief if, before you started off trying to install Adobe Flash, you would have looked in this forum and/or searched here for "flash". You would have found out almost immediately that Adobe doesn't support Flash on platforms like PI !

There doesn't exist a Flash suitable for the PI, although an "open source" copy of Flash does exist, which can run on the PI (it called Gnash), but it only runs a subpart of an older version of Flash, and also it runs quite slow.

As for many things that depend on Flash, like Youtube, there are good alternatives for the PI.

As for you don't know how to start blogging... Its really not that hard, and you are doing it now...

It always pays to seek help if you are starting on completely unfamiliar grounds.

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Re: Adobe Flash

Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:58 pm

Flash has never been ported to ARMv6 by Adobe and in fact they are going to abandon Flash for HTML5 standards.

Linux has an alternative to Flash called gnash which is available from your operating systems repositories

Raspberry Pi does not have Debian available, as Debian is for ARMv7.

Raspbian is an ARMv6 port of Debian ARMv7 and on the download pages is listed as Raspbian "wheezy"

It may be worthwhile to create a new .IMG of Raspbian "wheezy" as a newer version was released 09/02/2013 and start afresh

I believe the software you are trying to install is for x86 Linux which is not compiled to run on ARMv6

I have found a basic blog here and recommends install Synaptic Package Manger to install Software
I will always assume you are running Raspbian for desktop and Raspbmc for XMBC !

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Re: Adobe Flash

Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:08 pm

The lack of Flash is not unique to Raspberry PI. Flash on platforms other than Windows and Mac has been abandoned by Adobe. ... gle-store/

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Re: Adobe Flash

Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:25 pm


Thank you for taking the trouble to reply but you said.

"Raspberry Pi does not have Debian available, as Debian is for ARMv7."

My RPi book says that I have it and there is a whole chunk of the book entitled "Introducing Debian" which describes it as a "great choice for the RPi....and is the recommended software..."
and Debian appears at the beginning if all the command lines when it boots up.


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Re: Adobe Flash

Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:31 pm

Raspbian is technically Debian , but not in
a "legal" sense ... as it is maintained by the Raspbian
project . The Debian and Rasbian projects are different entities ,
but Raspbian is using the same codebase as Debian.
Most instructions and help you find on Debian
on the web will apply to Raspbian though.

1) The card you bought is most probably outdated and
should be reimaged with Raspbian from the downloads page.
(Vast improvements in all areas.)
2) The User Guide is a little bit outdated (it was written before
Raspbian was ready for public consumption) - but still
a very good resource and a good choice for beginners.
3) Forget Flash , if you need youtube , try whitey or raspytube
4) The issue with your USB drive may persist after writing the
new image - you can use this as remedy (in a LXTerminal) :

Code: Select all

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install eject
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Re: Adobe Flash

Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:21 pm

Debian is open source, and anything open source can be complied to run on almost anything. Its the closed source stuff (Adobe Flash is a good example) that is troublesome.
Don't judge Linux by the Pi.......
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Re: Adobe Flash

Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:36 pm

"Raspberry Pi does not have Debian available, as Debian is for ARMv7."

Yes where it states Debian it is the same as saying Raspbian, as above said it is semantics.

There are many Linux distributions based on Debian and maybe I get a little to prissy, so apologies from an x86 Lubuntu User
I will always assume you are running Raspbian for desktop and Raspbmc for XMBC !

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