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Re: Thought it would come yesterday

Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:59 pm

Raspberry Pi ? @Raspberry_Pi
@NuthallTech No news so far today, I'm afraid - believe me, I'm as much on tenterhooks as you are!from twitter
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Re: Thought it would come yesterday

Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:08 pm

Alchemy said:

I noticed on twitter yesterday "Raspberry_Pi @hideki_adam There will be an announcement on the website about that later on. " in reply to "hideki_adam @Raspberry_Pi Do we know how much the postage is likely to be on top of the price (within the UK) when it does become buyable?"

So after over 24 hours I asked if I'd missed an announcement.

Any announcement will be loudly proclaimed on the front page, you won't be able to miss it, we've been told this time and time again both here in the forum and on the twitter feed.

Tass said:

My guess is that the foundation are taking a sneaky approach - the Pis are already in the UK and they'll put them on sale at 4AM on Sunday morning.

I'm planning on a series of 23-hour days, fueled by caffine & junk food (and pies), until I can place my order!

The risk here however is that I might be so delusional by then that I'll hallucinate buying one, go to bed for 3 days, and wake up to find out I've missed the actual sale!!

It's a tough decision to make...

While I'm going to go ahead an assume (pray) you're joking, for anyone who does have this mindset please get rid of it!  The RPF has made it abundantly clear that they are going to send out a notice on the mailing list with ample time for us to get it.  It will not be stealthy at all.

With that I think this thread has outlived it's usefulness and I'm going to go ahead and close it.
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