My Pi Arrived Today...

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by NickPerry » Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:29 am
And I must say, I haven't even turned it on yet and I'm impressed already! I've seen lots of videos and pictures of the Pi but not much in comparison pictures. So I took one myself.


Also got a few laughs out of some chats I had.

Chat 1:

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10:56 PM - Galadrielia: wth is that
10:56 PM - [UG]Bullet.Up.The.Ass: my new computer =p
10:56 PM - Galadrielia: i see a gum pack and a computer part
10:56 PM - [UG]Bullet.Up.The.Ass: the part IS the computer
10:56 PM - [UG]Bullet.Up.The.Ass: lol

Chat 2:

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11:00 PM - [UG]Bullet.Up.The.Ass: lol got my new computer in the mail today... wish to see a pic?
11:00 PM - [UG]Buddah (1): sure
11:00 PM - [UG]Bullet.Up.The.Ass: [link removed]
11:01 PM - [UG]Buddah (1): lol
11:01 PM - [UG]Buddah (1): you building one from scrap?
11:02 PM - [UG]Bullet.Up.The.Ass: no... that part IS the computer rofl

All in all, going to turn it on later tonight and play with it. But felt like sharing my experience thus far.
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