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by austinM » Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:58 pm
I can get the video on the composite just fine. My RPi gets enough (4.93 V) juice.
Cannot get anything on my DVI monitor.
I have checked that the cable and the monitor work fine with a different computer. I have tried a lot of combinations of the hdmi options, the latest config.txt looks like this:
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I know that my RPi can see the monitor since
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> tvservice -d edid.dat

produces the data. Also the monitor stops displaying the "no signal" message when the RPi is connected. However screen remains black.

Here is a 'relevant' part of the tvservice -d output:
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HDMI:EDID version 1.3, 1 extensions, screen size 41x26 cm
HDMI:EDID features - videodef 0x80 !standby !suspend active off; colour encoding:RGB444|YCbCr422; sRGB is not default colourspace; preferred format is native; does not support GTF
HDMI:EDID found monitor range descriptor tag 0xfd
HDMI:EDID monitor range offsets: V min=0, V max=0, H min=0, H max=0
HDMI:EDID monitor range: vertical is 56-75 Hz, horizontal is 30-81 kHz, max pixel clock is 140 MHz
HDMI:EDID monitor range does not support GTF
HDMI:EDID found monitor name descriptor tag 0xfc
HDMI:EDID monitor name is SMB1940W
HDMI:EDID found monitor S/N descriptor tag 0xff
HDMI:EDID found preferred DMT detail timing format: 1440x900p @ 60 Hz (47)
HDMI:EDID established timing I/II bytes are BF EF 80

I also tried connecting to an HDMI TV. Nothing on the screen, but the TV recognizes that the raspberrypi_li device is attached to the HDMI port.

What am I missing?

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by bilmor » Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:11 am
All I can say is "Me Too".

My 256MB board works just fine headless via VNC, but I can't get any HDMI out.


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by mattraisin » Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:34 am
Gagh, me too. Mine was working a treat and then after switching to a raspbmc card and back again it gave up. Lets hope someone knows the cure.
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by bilmor » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:58 am
After finding my way into /boot/config.txt I uncommented the first option, hdmi_safe=1, and that worked for me. I can now have fun sorting out display resolution issues.

There's a wealth of config.txt information at .


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