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Raspberry Server

Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:44 pm

Hey everyone.
I'm new here but have been running webservers since 2002.

Just received my Pi in the mail the other day and excitedly plugged in a few cables and installed the operating system using the very cool Berryboot OS installer.
A few minutes later I was SSHing into the board and watching the pretty lights.

I got bored quick.

I installed Apache2, PHP5 and Bind9.
Pretty much your regular LAMP packages really.
I routed port 80 on my home cable router to the internal IP address of my Pi.
I set up a name server to point my domain name to my home cable router.
All working nicely although memory usage is the usual 400MB plus for a LAMP server.

Check out the web page at being served from my Raspberry Pi.


Rob Arrowsmith

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