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Keyboard and mouse stop working shortly after loading GUI

Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:38 pm

Hello, got a Pi for Christmas so I'm trying to get it set up and working, but it freezes up completely when I load up LXDE. I'm using a Model B running Wheezy. (Basically got one of these: ... 71&sr=1-62

LXDE runs fine for a few minutes but then the keyboard and mouse become completely unresponsive. The optical light on the mouse goes out and even the num lock/caps lock/scroll lock keys on the keyboard don't respond. Interestingly it continues to run despite this (the system monitor in the bottom right hand corner continues to update). Unplugging and reconnecting the keyboard and mouse does nothing and it doesn't work again unless I do a hard reset. Interestingly at the same time as this all the network lights go out as well. Anyone else been having similar problems?

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Re: Keyboard and mouse stop working shortly after loading GU

Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:45 pm

I don't know if this is related, but I have just got a Model B and can only use the bottom USB port. So only the mouse or the keyboard - but not both. Is there something wrong with my pi? I think there can be power issues, but I am using a micro usb power adapter outputting 5v and .7A - which should be ok?

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Re: Keyboard and mouse stop working shortly after loading GU

Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:59 pm

Yes, I was having the same problem, and the exact same happened for me my keyboard and mouse Just kept cutting out, However I Fixed it by Learning that It Just doesn't have enough power to keep supplying the keyboard and mouse with power plus if you have Ethernet Connection (Internet Wire) Which I didn't actually have the demand for power is High for the poor thing and the result is it cant cope so gives up eventually and shuts down components such as the Keyboard and mouse and maybe your Ethernet Port to free up power for other Raspberry Pi components such as the CPU, GUI and RAM, The HDMI Output etc. This Isn't a Error or fault It Just means you need to check you have the correct Power supply Hooked up to the Raspberry Pi, It needs to be 2.5 W (model A) and 3.5 W (model B) But If you still have Problems or you do defiantly have that, what I ended up doing (Because I don't have any Power leads of 3.5 W!) Is connecting a USB Hub via one of the USB Ports (One Like this will do, ... 960&sr=8-3) and as-well as Powering the Raspberry Pi, Power the USB Hub to Via the Input In (It's Normally a round type of 5V Input on it somewere, But some do not have it) and plug the Keyboard and mouse into the USB Hub so the USB Hub powers the Keyboard and mouse or In some peoples case Just a Keyboard and there you go! Sorry About the Long Answer really Hope this helps! ;) The Idea is to free up power so you can power more complex stuff! Or you could buy a Very Simple boring low powered Keyboard and Mouse!

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Re: Keyboard and mouse stop working shortly after loading GU

Thu Dec 27, 2012 10:16 pm

I have the same issue, use 100ma keyboard and 100ma mouse and a belkin powered usb hub that has been verified to work. It does the same both with and without the hub.

After a bit, everything but the red light on the pi goes out and all the usb hub lights turn off, with the green sd access light sometimes flicking.

I bought a power supply from the same site (newark canada) that was listed as for the oi, which has 1000ma. I also tried it on a 700ma powersupply.

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Re: Keyboard and mouse stop working shortly after loading GU

Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:11 am

Yes, power supply is the number one culprit for Pi problems. To fix the USB issue, get one of the recommended powered USB hubs. The permanent fix is to find a solution to the power issues. The more peripherals you add, the more power loss you incur because of the dreaded polyfuse. If you have a voltmeter, measure from TP1 to TP2. That is the 5 volt supply that the board is using. All other operating voltages are derived from that. The lower acceptable limit of the 5 volts is 4.75 but the board will run much better if it is closer to 5. I ended up putting an inline glass fuse in my input power line and shorting across the polyfuse. No problems since and I'm running an unpowered USB hub, keyboard, mouse, wireless adapter, ethernet, and HDMI to VGA adapter.

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