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Strange quirks and assorted minor nuisances

Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:14 pm

Having now played around for over a week with my Pi 4B (4Gb, latest Rasbpian Buster) I've fixed most of the critical things that were problematic to me, but I do still observe a few weird things:

1) I run a small touchscreen case and a larger HDMI screen for less nomad times. Let's say I have both screens on with both desktops set up: touchscreen rotated to landscape, HDMI screen at 1920x1080 that doesn't overlap with the touchscreen.
- If I turn off the HDMI screen and plug out both power and HDMI, the touchscreen continues to chug along and works fine on reboot.
- However, if I turn off the HDMI screen but fail to unplug HDMI (whether the power plug is still in or not!), then upon reboot the touchscreen configuration kind of reverts to default: portrait orientation, and the settings for the HDMI screen are lost (resolution and placement of the workspace)
Now that I know it's all about the HDMI cable it's not a big issue, but strange nonetheless.

2) My Bluetooth works, but is capricious. If I just connect my earphones (Anker SoundBuds Slim+), the connection drops after what seems to be a fixed delay of ~30 seconds and immediately connects again. If I start a sound (e.g. youtube video), I will not hear anything until the next time the connection automatically reconnects. After that, the connection is rock stable for as long as the sound keeps playing. I've listened to a Youtube playlist for basically all day with no issues. On occasion after a reboot, the earphones still seem to connect but steadfastly refuse to play any sound. The only fix I have is to turn them off, reboot, then turn them on again and let them auto-connect.

3) This is more of a question. I've made a handful of adjustments to make the Pi work the way I want it to - changes to config.txt, LXDE panels, a few additional modules etc. When the next Buster update comes, will all of these revert to default? If so, should I create a script that automatically performs these changes ?

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Re: Strange quirks and assorted minor nuisances

Fri Mar 27, 2020 12:03 am

I can't answer your questions 1 and 2 but I can answer the 3rd one

Your edits will not be lost as far as I know, I have been only with buster but all updates, within the last 3 months (only 1) haven't deleted my .config edits, .bashrc edits or any gui changes
however, its good to make a little plan on what you have changed and shove that on a usb, as if everything becomes corrupted, you can know what was what. I have had to do that when I have ruined my boot, (NOOBS for the rescue)
(Use noobs for a backup)

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Re: Strange quirks and assorted minor nuisances

Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:56 pm

WRT question 3, I quickly gave up on making notes, and have a set of scripts that I run on a new card (because s**t happens) to configure all the various settings that I figure out are important to me.

I run one after I dd a new Raspbian onto a card, and a small set of scripts to install and configure various services after the system has booted on the Pi.

It was a bit of work to sort out at the start, but now quite simple to add new stuff.

There are other ways to accomplish this, such as ansible, but I wanted a lightweight solution that I could easily manage without learning yet another tool or configuration file. Modifying bash scripts was perfect for me. I can create a new SD card and get it fully configured wth all my stuff in about 30 minutes.

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