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can't get pijuice to start up

Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:50 am

I have recently set up a pi4 as a NAS on my network. I had a new pijuice kicking about and decided to combine the two.
I installed the pijuice software, pulled the battery tab to activate things and installed the pijuice on top of the pi4 (with a header extension to give the pi4 some breathing room.
I interact with the pi4 with VNC. When I connect to the board I do not see the pijuice icon.
When I go to preferences, pijuice settings I get an hourglass icon for a few seconds and then I get my normal pointer back but I get no settings menu.
I suspect I am missing something very basic but can't figure out what.
My last pijuice install was several years ago and it just worked.

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