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N64 controller with physical transfer pak on RPi

Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:29 am

I wondered if anyone could shed some light on this. I am trying to transfer some Pokemon from an original Pokemon Red cartridge to the PC, and have the following available to me:

RPi 3
Original N64 controller
N64 transfer pak
INNext usb N64 controller that has a slot to plug the peripherals into.
Emulated Pokemon Stadium (and the original cartridge)
NRage or Raphnet plugin

I know how to connect the original N64 controller to the GPIO directly, but has anybody succeeded in using peripherals with it using this method? As far as I can find people say that the iNNext controller doesn’t work with any peripherals, though I’m not sure why this is.

It’s easy to use an emulated version of the transfer pak, but despite a lot of googling I’ve yet to find anybody using a physical transfer pak without buying an adaptor (usually the Raphnet one.) I don’t know much about electronics, I’m afraid. The Pokemon I want to transfer mean a lot to me, as they’re my original team I took to the regional Pokemon Championships in 2000. Over the years I’ve managed to lose Kadabra but I still have the other five. Thanks in advance :)

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