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Pi 4 B+ - NAS - 4K Media Server and OS

Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:17 pm


I'm a newbie to Pi's and a relative newbie to audio and visual technicals so apologies if I state anything incorrectly.

I recently purchased a Dolby Atmos surround sound system and was thinking about building a NAS and running Kodi or Plex as a Media Center. However, funds are relatively tight at the minute as I've just paid for a wedding and are saving for a honeymoon. I'd given up the idea when someone mentioned trying it on a Pi 4 in the interim.

Seeing how I've been wanting to improve my Linux skills for a while I thought it would be a good little project. I've been doing a lot of research online but it can get a little confusing and there's a lot of conflicting information on these forums.

So far my idea is to purchase the following;

- Raspberry Pi 4 Modell B 4GB
- Case - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07 ... 8CJ2&psc=1
- Expansian pack - http://tiny.cc/riksiz
- Powersupply
- 1 x SSD 2.5 inch - (will add another later) - http://tiny.cc/fnksiz

I'll say I know that Pi 4 hardware is capable of TrueHD and Atmos but the software isn't quite there so I'm thinking I'll set it up with the current limitations and then update when the software is released.

I'm going to set up a media server to run on Docker and then install Docker on the Pi. Where the confusion comes in for me is which media player to use. I know there are already a lot of topics and threads to do with this subject already but as I previously stated I keep getting conflicting info.

Originally I was going to use Plex but reading some of the threads I can see a lot of people struggled to get 4k at 60hz, so I started looking at LibreELEC 9.1.001 ALPHA with Raspberry Pi 4B Support but again I've read of people complaining that the video sticks when streaming.
I am mainly looking at streaming the content to the TV in my front room and it will be just me streaming the content 90% of the time (my wife struggles with this stuff).

Does anybody have any advice (may be you've set something similar up and can talk from experience) on which they think will be the best. I know Plex transcodes on their server so considering the Pi (even though much improved) is still relatively low power in comparison I thought that may give it the edge over Kodi but as I say I don't really know.

Thanks in advance for any help. If I've missed out some vital info you need to know then please let me know and I'll try my best to update. I'm sure I have missed stuff off.


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Re: Pi 4 B+ - NAS - 4K Media Server and OS

Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:06 pm

Congratulations on your wedding! :D

If budget is tight at the moment lets scale down the required hardware at the moment.
so lets start small

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 4 GB
SATA to USB3.0 Adapter (like the "Eluteng Blue")
RPF PSU for RPi4B rated 5.1v 3.0A
Case kit for the RPi4B (those with fan and heatsinks)

use this setup to test run your project
once you're satisfied with the results and performance after several weeks of use, then you can upgrade the setup to a better casing and with additional SSD (power permitting)

Am not against the "expansion pack", its just expensive and some here at the forum that have tested were terribly dismayed.

have not tested 4K, but am trying to get one test file to put to my RPi2BNAS
my media player a RPI4B-4G Raspbian Buster Desktop with Kodi 18.4

Ok I've just download some 4K test videos and transferred it to my NAS
on RPi4B-4G and Kodi, it played but it stutters
transferred the file to home directory and played again via Kodi, same results
tried to play using VLC... got black screen, but audio is there.

have no 4K tv to test, as it seems that the player will be the problem, not the server.
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