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Strange app display

Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:07 pm


I am a newbi and am playing around with my first Raspberry Pi4 trying to set up an Android system. I did not have a problem installing Lineage for Pi 4 which seems to work fine. However, some apps I have been trying to install are being displayed cut off in a narrow portrait window, rendering them useless. They seem to install fine, no error messages show and installation is confirmed. I have not been able to find anthing on this problem on google so hopefully, someone has come across this already.

Also, my Bluetooth adapter (keyboard/mouse) works fine but I have not been able to get any other USB devices recognised in either the USB2 or USB3 ports. I tried almost a half dozen sticks of varying age and sizes, and an external hdd plus an SD card in an adapter, all of which are working fine on any other PC I have. Since all ports are effected, I do not think that the USB3 problem I read about is the culprit? Any input would be appreaciated.

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Re: Strange app display

Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:19 pm

Welcome to the forum. :) Please use the existing thread instead of opening a new one. If you have questions/comments/problems with LineageOS 16.0 on the Pi 4, this is the topic you should use ( ... 1413acffdc).

These are actually good questions and someone else facing the same issues might appreciate the answer as well. I know I'm overly optimistic thinking that people actually bother to read anything before asking, but I can guarantee the next person facing the same issue will never find the info here after this gets buried after a while. If it's posted in the relevant thread, it's at least possible.

There is a problem with portrait apps as my builds have forced landscape orientation. If you don't mind tilting your head sideways, you can do this ( ... 8#p1493958).

There was an issue with USB storage in the first release but it is fixed in the build I released today.

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