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Desktop Password Problems

Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:43 pm

Hello there, first time Pi user here so please go easy.

I recently got my first PI which is the PI 4 B+. I managed to set up my PI with SSH and WIFI pre-enabled with the help of some online guides.
All has worked well and I'm able to connect to my PI with SSH over WIFI. I then changed the password in rasp-config and enabled VNC.

I then logged in to my PI with a VNC viewer using the pi user and the new password i changed in rasp-config in my terminal, now when the PI boots up into the desktop i get set up wizard which helps you set up some bits and bobs. When i got to the password bit in the set up wizard it was saying that i have not changed the password and that I'm still using the default one IE raspberry.

How can that be as i already changed it in the rasp-config? Any how i entered the same password that i entered in rasp-config. after completing the set up wizard, then it asked me to reboot to effect the changes so i did.

Now when i try to connect with VNC using the user pi and the password i specified in rasp-config it says connections refused?
When i try to connect with SSH it says password not recognized ?

At this stage i was locked out of my PI. i tried to follow some online guides about how to reset the password editing the cmdline.txt but it did not work for me, so i had to erase the SD card and start again.

I'm now at the stage where everything is working again, I've once again changed the default password in rasp-config. But I'm having the same problem with the password in the desktop. This time when i logged in with VNC i closed the set up wizard and did not enter any password. But when i came to power off the PI from within the Desktop it asked my for a password so i entered the one i already set in the rasp-config earlier but when i press enter it says password not recognized ?

I'm not sure what to do as i don't want to start installing stuff only to get locked out again later on.

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Re: Desktop Password Problems

Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:42 pm


If you update your password using raspi-config via ssh , when you exit raspi-config it should ask you if you want to reboot your pi,
answer yes here that will then mean you are using the new password once your logged back on to your pi.

failing to do this reboot can leave you not knowing which password is in use if you make other changes.
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Re: Desktop Password Problems

Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:41 pm

Thank you for taking the time to reply. All seems to be working well now. It seems that was the issue. Thanks once again for pointing that out.

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