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Gameboy Pocket MP3 Player

Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:29 am


I am new to this forum and fairly new to Pi projects as well. I have built a budget Gameboy Zero and it got me thinking. I have a need for an Mp3 player in my car and don't want to waste battery on my phone to listen to the good stuff. The for factor of a GBP is perfect, and I have enough knowledge of the portable system to work with the shell size.

The plan is to rewire the D-Pad and A/B buttons to the Pi for function with only the lower half of the PCB. May use the start and select, but they should not be needed. A Lipo battery can easily be held in the cleaned out battery tray. A dummy cart can be printed to make additional space for the Pi itself and anything additional. The headphone jack will most likely be salvaged for the mod as it is already in the correct space, but I do understand that additional PCB's will be needed.

This could be a headphone jack device and really does not need use of the speaker.

The question that brings me here today is if anyone has any recommendations of a screen and OS Image that could be used for this?

Also, if any other advice could be given, I would greatly appreciate it.

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