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Linux apk players for ARM?

Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:33 am

It seems like there's something missing with regard to Android simulation/virtualization on Linux ARM systems compared to the PC. Today it's possible to run Android natively on the Pi, but those systems lack accelerated graphics and have numerous other driver problems. It's also possible to emulate Android inside QEMU which is unbearably slow. A proper apk player tool would avoid those problems.

More context below on what I mean by an "apk player":

Blackberry was able to run Android apps on QNX as far back as 2013. Most of the work was supposedly implementing the appropriate syscalls. Good Android "emulators" for the PC are most usable when they rely on x86 or x86_64 apk shared objects that can be run natively. Putting these kinds of ideas together, ideally there would be an apk player for Linux that runs on ARM and runs armv7 androideabi code at native speeds. The market for automotive entertainment systems would stand to benefit from this too.

I have looked at Anbox and as others have pointed out on the forums it doesn't run on armhf/aarch64. There are more than a dozen Android emulation programs for the PC and I certainly don't have a full understanding of the space. Do people here know of software that can achieve this today on a Pi, or any projects in the works?

The question is exploratory and I don't have a particular Android app I'm trying to run. Even if the current software can only run applications dating back to say Android 3.2 that would be interesting.

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