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Waveshare 170° fisheye Raspberry Pi Camera (I)

Thu Aug 15, 2019 1:14 pm

I've purchased a Waveshare 170° fisheye camera that is being sold as a "Raspberry Pi Camera (I)". I've plugged it out of the box into my RPi and did a few test shots in a indoor, well lit room. The results are truly appaling, which leads to believe that the camera needs adjusting.

The issue is that the camera comes with no instructions and the manufacturers site has no documentation either, except for a very generic 2-page RPi camera pdf manual from 2015. This camera is being sold as "RPi Camera (I) - Fisheye Lens, Adjustable-Focus" ... but how does one adjust the focus???

Looking at the raspistill's response when the shot is triggered, it shows that most parameters are empty.

As a newbie, I'm in desperate need of help/advice!

Can someone point me to a resource where I can find more information on how to adjust the focus of this camera and specify the correct parameters when triggering a shot? I've searched high and low for more support information on this particular camera and came up empty handed.

Many thanks, best regards

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Re: Waveshare 170° fisheye Raspberry Pi Camera (I)

Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:04 pm

RPF does not sell v1 cameras since 2016.
In general you have to ask Waveshare support if you have questions with their camera.

But your camera looks like any other Pi camera with M12 lens mount.
Just turn the lens left/right to move it out/in -- that will adjust focus.
I do that typically while running "raspivid -t 0 ..." in the mode I am interested in.
With HDMI monitor or DPMI LCD connected you will see preview window.
Doing that, you can see when it is correctly adjusted to the distance you are interested in.

You can buy a <3$ v1 camera clone on these days, and 2pcs/lot M12 lens adaptor for 2$ as well.
Then you can add that to you camera and remove builtin lens: ... 7#p1279957
Finally you can buy any M12 lens you are interested in and use with the camera (I have 3.98°, 20°, 65°, 130° and 150° lenses).
I did that successfully with non-M12 v1 and v2 camera.
With the 20° lens you can build a 0.1µm/px microscope: ... 0#p1409065
With the 3.98° lens you can watch traffic on street 500m distant: ... 3&t=227166

Now that you have your camera, you can (carefully) screw out the 170° lens (make sure that now dirt comes in).
Then you can put in any other M12 lens you like.


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Re: Waveshare 170° fisheye Raspberry Pi Camera (I)

Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:26 am

Hi Hermann,

Many thanks for your reply - excellent information. Looks like I have some reading to catch up on camera specs for the RPi.

Soon after posting the message above, I've decided to return the Waveshare camera and the Raspberry Pi Zero W back to the seller (PiHut). I was disappointed with the camera quality but the breaking point was the Raspberry Pi Zero W I had bought together with the camera. The RPi was consistently spewing kernel error messages and freezing. I've reinstalled it a few times with Stretch and Buster (both Lite versions) but the RPi continued to behave erratically with these kernel error messages, which basically rendered the unit unreliable and unusable.

I've reordered another Raspberry Pi Zero W and now I'll do a bit of research on the camera front before moving forward.

Thanks again, best regards


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