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DAC ALC5628 & Raspberry

Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:22 pm

I broke my leg and a lot of free time appeared. :( I have long wanted to understand the work of an interesting chip: ... em/alc5628 It is has been lying in my box for several months.
I assembled the circuit on a breadboard.
I2C control from a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Power supply for the entire circuit from 3.3v.
I studied datasheet for several days - There is no other information on the Internet. I had to write a simple program for forming registers and finally the chip "sang". But my joy did not last long. After 5-15 minutes, the sound disappeared or a loud noise appeared or high frequency whistle (differently each time). At the same time, the chip continues to work, it can be controlled by I2C. Register values do not change. Sound is restored only after resetting and reloading the registers. I changed the chip but the problem repeated. Manipulations with the registers did not produce results.
This is my first acquaintance with audio DACs. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe someone worked with this or a similar chip and knows the weaknesses.
I will be glad to all the suggestions.

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