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Power button

Fri Jul 26, 2019 6:32 pm

Hi so few years back i designed this button
It is using gpio pins, the header can be shorten to lengh of 2x3 pins which is what it is using, it should be compatible with all raspberry pi versions (but this hasnt been tested) i have about 15boards that can be populated with 1x header, 3x resistor, and one button with led. I also have header with long legs so other hats can be put on top(2x20 pins version only)
Would anyone be interested in this? Comes with script that installs itself and adjusts system file to run at startup, can power on/off & reboot.
Requires internet connection to install.
Im based in uk, and be looking at 4£ (solder yourself kit)
Or 7£ made to order. Both plus postage.
It will no work on windows IOT or non linux based OS.
Would anyone be interested?
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