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displays, batteries and portables

Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:41 pm


Looking at making a portable project. I have the 7" touch screen on the way, BUT I'm afraid that based on another setup i have, it will end up being too small.

So I am looking at 10" or larger displays. Ive been reading and learning a lot lately about different aspects of what I want and I found a chart for 2017 that one of the "project makers" posted that demonstrated a HUGE difference in the "offical raspberry pi" 7" touch display and several others, as demonstrated by how long they could be powered by battery packs.

When i say HUGE, the offical screen + a 3B+ ran for (not an exact quote) like 355 minutes where as the other makers screens (all major brands) were in the 170 or less.

That being said. My portable project will need a RPI, probably a 4, a screen, occasionally a keyboard and mouse, often running a stylus. camera. Overall a portable "testing station" one I can take with me, access my GPIOs when I need to, program model etc.


1) anyone have an idea on who makes the most power efficient 10"+ touch screen for the RPI?

2) how do you calculate that? Im working through a few web sites nw that are trying to explain it, but since HS Shop was 30 years ago, its coming slowly

3) battery power - I have a few alternatives already (the LiPo shim for example), but whats the best one and why? given the above description.

Im really learning a lot on this so far and having a good time, Im just afraid w/o having someone who can definitively say X, than I may run in circles for a while.

I know there are some really amazing products, many of which i will probably be using, but anywhere you want to point me I will follow



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