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wearable computer

Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:16 am

I am a busy guy (3 kids!) And I tinker on the side, so Everytime I buy items to tinker I "Keep an open mind" and try not to destroy anything or do much crazy modifying. But I had a brilliant idea!

After seeing this: ... structions

I began to wonder how we can continue that trend of CI* that we have done with memes....

I was wondering if we could combine these pieces together (will update): ... le-3-plus/ ... B078Y7D6RX ... olar-power

And Google Earth with the 64GB Oculus Quest (in honor of my favorite game Mario 64 the basis of this idea) to provide myself the means to do this:

With this concept:


I know this isn't the best idea ever but my idea is the basis of what I hope to become various AR/VR steppingstone to being the bad guy in this book: ... prov=sfla1

Or a Jarvis Butler like this guy:

In honor of a friend of mine.

It'd basically be a fully enclosed computer VR@R exisceliton (body armor!) that could be tracked/online/solar powered system that (5 years) puts robots on the moon (10 years) puts humans on Mars, while those who wouldn't be able to (disabled, elderly) could experience the "movie quality" Ready Player One that I want a slice of realistate in. This would be created and inspired in a golden age of "social reconstruction" ('if' global warming is true) where we learn to concerve resources, create science projects (Phase 1: classroom in VR!) Etc.

Please be nice, this is the "tools" I plan to use with an interactive memoir of my life (Phase 2: An experiment).

I say only because:
A. Nothing's patented.
B. I'm doing this on a cell phone while watching kids over the last 3 hrs.
C. I'm bad with computers and certified mental (lol)
D Because of all the above I apologize if I'm doing this wrong?

"VR and homosapien Noob"

PS: by mental I mean I have complex PTSD and communicate weird despite English being my first and only language.

*(collective intelligence or the nesesity "pre-algebra" that teaches AI, artificial intelligence the moral " algebra" that instills Newton's Three Laws of Robotics)

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