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Raspberry Pi 5 specification speculation or ideas anyone?

Thu Jun 27, 2019 8:10 am

greetings to anyone reading this thread, i am a random minecraft player, and my unified username is Lottery248.

since Raspberry Pi 4 made a really significant change and upgrades of their single board computers, i could no longer help my self from registering an account and have a say about something.

and yes, if you are expecting a thread of speculating or ideas about Raspberry Pi 5 (next generation), probably you just have hopped into the right place.

it seems to be too early to post this, but i have a dream of if Raspberry Pi possible to throw another big move on the next generation. ie. i think the current Raspberry Pi 4 has yet to be the ultimate. as you guys know, Raspberry Pi is releasing each generation of model per 2~3 years, so they can ensure they remain efforts working on compatibility on older devices.

i am gonna make some personal wishes about the next generation raspberry pi's, and probably Raspberry Pi may need the ultimate or so-called flagship variant(s).

let's lead the SBC community by having a 14~12nm 8-Core A77, 1.4GHz and the latest version of VideoCore as of the time. 28nm seems to be outdated i guess.
second, the mainstream mobile phones are catching up with like 6GB RAM, so should Raspberry Pi. probably ditching 1GB and 2GB variant, and raise the base RAM to 4GB, then add a variant of 8GB, without changing the base price for the former.
for the connectivity,
should i say all USB ports would be 3.0.
and then for the HDMI matter, probably go back with full size port 2.1, but a further upgrade of 4K120 something if that is possible.
type-C power connectors should be enhanced by having a higher voltage (like 8V?), so a that plug can serve a possibly-power-hungry hardware more sustainable.

probably this kind of speculation is not gonna be true because the cost of the above hardware are currently really expensive. yet considering current production of dies are ever-decreasing in cost, and 12~14nm are being more mature than ever to produce, plus memory market is flooding with supply rather than demand, hopefully it would be easier to get the 4GB edition (RPI 5) at the same current of $35.

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Re: Raspberry Pi 5 specification speculation or ideas anyone?

Thu Jun 27, 2019 8:55 am

Yes, too early.
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