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WiFi CYW43438 as AP+STA - max_assoc =?

Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:04 pm

For the onboard WiFi module CYW43438 on the Pi 3B, what is the max_assoc (max number of clients) in AP+STA mode?
AP = Access Point, STA = Station (client - connected to a remote AP)

I posed same question first to Cypress and they assume use of the WiCED SDK API where max_assoc is defined. They responded:
...the wwd_wifi_get_max_associations() API will check. As your STA interface is associated with an AP, softAP interface can support (max_assoc - 1) associated clients. You can use the get_associated_sta_list() in test.console example to check the same for your device.
Is there a configuration file, header file or command query that shows the max_assoc value for Pi 3B?
I looked at iw list output, but that did not show the max_assoc value, to my understanding.

Thanks for reading....

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