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Using raspberry pi and VPL for prototype?

Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:28 pm


I’m trying to make a prototype wristwatch to solve a problem related to kids with disabilities. I’d like to take a first stab at solving the problem myself before I hire a freelancer, etc.

I used to write HTML back in the day but I am ignorant of any modern programming language so I thought maybe a VPL with a raspberry pi such as Node-Red would be good for this. I don’t want to learn a text based programming language just for this one project. I pick up on new things very easily and I’m pretty good about researching problems.

I need the “watch” to pick up on certain environmental input, display very simple visual and auditory feedback, and send and receive all of this data wirelessly with a smartphone app that I also need to program. Will Node-red and a raspberry pi be a good solution for this prototype or should I consider a different VPL and hardware solution?

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