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Raspberry TVuhat or other USB tuner?

Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:03 pm

Hi everyone! I'm looking for the best solution to bring my antenna signal on all my devices over the internet.
I got a NAS (WD) running my Plex server, and a Raspberry pi 3 B+ with Raspbian installed.
I know there are a lot of USB tuner compatible with Plex (and NAS), but I should pay for Plex pass (so interesting, anyway, particularly the lifetime option). I'm also interested in Raspberry tvuhat, because it's cheaper and should work with Plex and Kodi.
In your opinion, which is the best solution? Can I set Kodi to stream over the internet on my account, like Plex, or it works only on local networks?
Plex server needs to be installed on the same Raspberry that is running TVheadend?

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