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Servo robot with keyboard control

Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:54 pm

Hi all! I am new to this form, and this is my first post. I am currently creating a design project for my EE degree that involves controlling several servo motors for a raspberry pi 3. I want to use a keyboard to control the direction of the motors, and I am using curses to take in the keyboard input. My program runs and the print function shows the correct key that was pressed, but the servos won't spin. I am using the pigpio library to drive the servos. The code I have is below. Any idea what i am doing wrong? Disclaimer: I am not a seasoned programmer, this is my first project with a raspberry pi and python.

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import pigpio
import curses


screen = curses.initscr()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    while True:
        Char = screen.getch()
        if Char== ord('q'):
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(16, 1600)
            print ("rotate left")
        if Char==ord('e'):
            print (" rotate right")
        if Char==ord('a'):
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(12, 1600)
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(13, 0)
            print ("turn left")
        if Char==ord('d'):
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(12, 0)
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(13, 1400)
            print ("turn right")
        if Char==ord('s'):
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(12, 1400)
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(13, 1600)
            print ("backwards")
        if Char==ord('w'):
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(12, 1400)
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(13, 1400)
            print ("forwards")
        if Char == curses.KEY_UP:
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(18, 1600)
            print ("telescope up")
        if Char==curses.KEY_DOWN
            pi.set_servo_pulsewidth(18, 1400)
            print ("telescope Down")
        if Char==ord('x'):
            print("Program Ended")
    curses.nocbreak(); screen.keypad(0); curses.echo()

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