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Sent data over GPIO, need help

Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:07 am

Hello RPi users! ;)
Help me please)
My situation is:
I have ~100 remoted(20km) PCs with encrypted HDDs, PCs are old and sometimes randomly reboot, then I need to input large password.
I configured RPi Zero W as usb keyboard and input pass remotely over SSH by python3 script. BUT... Some motherboards are very old and don't recognize my RPi keyboard, but recognize physical usb keyboard, I guess because RPi OTG USB is USB2.0, physical keyboard is USB 1.1.
I have an idea to use controller of usb keyboard, because motherboard recognize it, connect to its usb data wire, and sent bytes of pressed buttons over GPIO pins.
Is it possible?if possible, give me please some advice how to do this or way of thinking. I read information about GPIO UART pins, but don't understand how to do this((

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Re: Sent data over GPIO, need help

Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:47 pm

Let me propose another approach: get an arduino micro or leonardo (atmel32u4) which has build in usb support. Arduino IDE provides keyboard methods. The chance its working is reasonable high. Then use digital serial from raspberry to arduino (with level shifter) to provide strings to send as keyboard emulation.

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